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I publish here at least once weekly. I publish early access to my serial novels, novellas, short stories, and the occasional poem. While I respect the obligation to publish weekly, I will not set too many boundaries at the onset. Afterall, you never really know where the characters and stories will take you. How could I possibly promise you that they won’t want to reach you more often?

I will also publish a reflective piece from time to time. Music and reading inspire me so I will share that inspiration with you.

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Like most Substack authors, I am doing more than writing by coming to this platform. I am releasing my words to the world and hopefully, a community will form around them. I invite you to join me and fellow readers here, in this unique space. I truly hope to connect with other authors and readers here. Let’s make it fun, respectful, exciting, and engaging!

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Thrills, suspense, horror, and longing. Fiction from L.C. Marino.


Author of suspense, horror, thrillers, and longing. Find my serial fiction here before it's in print. Author of BURY THE CHILD (novella, released Sep 2023) and BURN THE GIRLS (debut novel, released March 2024).